Tree Trimming

Signs that show your trees need to be trimmed

Overgrown branches aren't the only reason that your trees may need trimming. You'll know it's time to hire us for tree trimming services if your branches are:

Dead or diseased
Weak or spindly
Too close to power lines

When we're finished, you and your neighbors will be impressed by how nice your property looks. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our branch removal services.

Discover the benefits of regular tree trimming

Tree trimming and branch removal is about more than just boosting your curb appeal. Tree Top Tree Service can help boost the overall health of your tree. You should also hire us for annual tree trimming services to:

  • Prevent the spread of tree diseases and pest infestations
  • Improve the quality of fruit on flowering trees
  • Improve the airflow around your trees
  • Prolong your tree's life span
  • Increase sun exposure
  • Promote new growth
Want to learn more about the advantages of our branch removal or tree trimming services? Call our Bowie, MD location at 240-765-9289.